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This is a general fund to be used at the foundation discretion.


Downtown Restoration Fund

In the interest of encouraging revitalization of Sutton’s

downtown business district, the Sutton Community

Foundation has set up a fund for individuals and businesses

to specifically provide donations.  The downtown business

district area in Sutton adds a very unique and historical

environment to the community which very few communities

have anymore.  Sutton is very fortunate to have a strong

and viable downtown area with active businesses in most of

the buildings.  For most downtown properties with elaborate

décor on the structures and similar properties with second

floors, the challenge is the cost for extensively improving or

updating these structures.  This Downtown Fund is one of

several steps being conducted by citizen leaders and other groups to create a local tool to assist in the effort to revitalize and  make enhancements to our downtown area.   The monies collected through this fund will be used in multiple ways throughout the multiple phases of the downtown revitalization effort.



This fund is to establish the perpetuity of the Sutton Community Foundation through interest income.



This is recognizing donors to community projects.


parks & recreation fund

In 2016, the strategic Vision Implementation Plan was completed through JEO Consulting for the City of Sutton. This strategic planning effort was able to capture multiple ideas from residents and businesses about the needs for development within Sutton.  One specific are of need within the plan was to continually enhance and expand
recreational opportunities for both children and adults within our parks and the city of Sutton. The first project, City Park playground, focused on the development of a ‘new’ playground area with enhanced ‘play’ for children.  This project was completed in June 2017.


The next planned project for Spring 2018 is to repaint the historic pavilion in the City Park.  During spring of 2018, the Pleasant Hill Children’s Park, known as the East Park, will be revitalized through an Eagle Scout project.


Additionally, there are future plans for the extension of the biking/walking trail out by the DLD Softball and Baseball Park Complex.


Contributions to the Parks & Recreation Fund can be utilized for existing or future projects.



"The support of the surrounding community has been great," states Paul Althouse, Beef Booster committee member. Flint Hills Resources, the ethanol plant in Fairmont, recently donated two full beef to the program which were processed in Henderson and have been stored in the kitchen at the school. This beef has already been implemented into some of the lunch menu items and was the source for school hamburger feeds. Now, the committee is trying to focus on obtaining financial donations to cover processing costs. "It was around $1500 to process those two beef," states Althouse.


In discussing the benefits of the Beef Boosters program, Flint Hills Resources feels it brings the whole farming process
full-circle. Farmers haul grain to the ethanol plant, the plant in turn uses the product in livestock feed, and cattle are raised and fed the product.


Many of the donors, whose kids are students at Sutton Public Schools, enjoy knowing that their children are receiving an incredible source of protein from the fresh, locally-raised product.

- Sutton Life article "Sutton Beef Boosters Follow Up", November 2017



To form a Nebraska non-profit corporation to provide a way for individuals to contribute in a tax-deductible manner, for the present and future betterment of the Sutton Community. The Foundation will provide funding for community improvement projects that will improve the quality of life and offer opportunities to the citizens of the Sutton Community.

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